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Hālau I Kona Mau Lima is a Maui based, non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the art of hula.  Our mission statement speaks of our commitment.  It is a simple phrase that means a lifetime of learning and kuleana (responsibility) to hold on to tradition where tradition is demanded and to create where creativity is allowed.  This purpose has set a path for us, one of continuous growth, learning and holding on to what is true.


  We are a performing and competing Hālau dancing both Kahiko and 'Auana.  Competition pushes us past our comfort levels with a goal to better our own abilities.  With each competition, we gain a better understanding of our hula technique and the meaning of the hula we perform.  This commitment to excellence is achieved only by the dedication and commitment of each halau member.

Mahalo, Kehau


"E Hula me ke konikoni A me ka mana'o"

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